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Help is at hand with the Positive Parenting Campaign

It’s normal for children to go through tricky periods and to display signs of unwanted behaviours, so it’s important for parents and other carers to feel that they are not alone and know where to find support when they need it.

Through the ‘Parenting. Give it time’ website, you can find a range of hints and tips which support parents, and those who care for children, through the early years. There’s advice on tantrums, bed time routines, potty training, mealtimes and everything in between!

We have developed a number of helpful and fun resources including a ‘Scavenger hunt’ to play at the park, a game of ‘What can I see?’ for car journeys and a ‘Placemat’ to colour and personalise. The resources are all free to download  Positive Parenting



Young Carers

Your local council has a responsibility to ensure that your duties as a carer do not interfere with your education, development, and overall quality of life. They must also ensure that you do not become trapped in your role as a carer.  Find out more about Young Carers

The history of Welsh devolution

The roots of political devolution in Wales can be traced to the end of the nineteenth century. In 1886, Cymru Fydd (‘Young Wales’) was established to promote the objectives of the Liberal Party in Wales and to campaign in favour of Welsh ‘home rule’. Although Cymru Fydd’s success was short lived, its activities coincided with other political developments relating to Wales, notably the passing of specifically Welsh Acts for the first time in the UK Parliament. It also coincided with the beginning of administrative devolution in Wales through the creation of the Welsh Board for Education in 1907.  Find out more The history of Welsh devolution

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